Administration of a Will

Q. A friend or family member passed away and has a Will, what is the process to attend to their wishes or requests?

A. Based on the size of their assets it is likely that you will require a Probate of the Will from the Supreme Court of Australia to verify the validity of the Will and access their assets under the Will.

Q. My Grandma, Grandpa, Mum or Dad passed away without a Will. Will I still receive an inheritance?

A. To access the assets you are likely to require "Letters of Administration" which are obtained after an Application is made in the Supreme Court of Australia.  Please contact our office to discuss the process involved.


Contesting a Will and Family Provision Claim

Q. I have been left out of the Will.  Can I make a claim?

A. Possibly.  It depends on your relationship to the deceased and the size of the estate, together with your personal financial situation. We would require to have an interview with you so that we can provide you with our advice.


Q. I have not received enough in a Will.  Can I make a claim?

A. Possibly.  Please speak to us to discuss the possibility of you obtaining a larger proportion of the estate.


Q. Are there are any time limits to claim from the date of death?

A. Yes. 6-9 months from the date of death.  Please contact to us urgently.


Q. I believe I may have a claim but I do not have the funds to obtain legal advice, do you do “no win no fee” cases?

A. Yes, in certain situations we are able to assist.  Please contact us to discuss you matter.

We offer a free initial consultation for Estate matters. Please contact our office urgently to make an appointment as there are various time limits that may apply to your matter.